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Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn windows are secure, stylish, strong and will save you money on your heating and cooling bills. We also supply premimum quality traditional casement windows.

Keeping your home warm

Thermal transferability starts from the outside. Your first line of defence in the Tilt & Turn window is thick, durable multiple air chambers in the frame which prevent colder air from being transferred to the middle air chamber. This creates a dead air lock which doesn’t allow either the cold or warmth to win the battle. A thinner secondary wall further helps stop cold from getting into your house.

All our Tilt & Turn windows feature Low E energy efficient glass. For maximum advantage, upgrade to a Heat Mirror glass which has the same summer features with a higher insulation factor to keep out cold. Our windows are also filled with argon gas, a non-conductor of heat and cold.

Keeping your home cool

Air conditioning isn’t the most environmentally-friendly way to cool your home. It creates carbon dioxide which is released into the atmosphere, and consumes enormous quantities of electricity, most of which is generated on this continent by the burning of coal.

Opening windows on a hot summer day instead of cranking the AC is a noble gesture but not necessarily an efficient one. It creates air flow but not air exchange.

Simply put, if you open multiple non-Tilt & Turn windows in your home on a hot day, only a path of air travelling through your house will be replaced by cooler air, not all of it. But when you open a Tilt & Turn window, there is a redistribution of air pressure in the room whereby the hottest (and highest pressure) air near the ceiling escapes outside, with cooler air entering through the side of the window, cooling the whole room. Air flow only removes air in that stream; air exchange changes all the air in the room.

Our glass also blocks harmful UV rays which fade furniture and carpets, and deflects solar heat rays.

Additional Benefits

Sound Dampening
The exterior walls of vinyl European systems are significantly thicker than the competition, effectively dampening sounds from outside.
The Tilt & Turn system is sloped towards the outside, promoting “positive drainage.” So there’s no need to immediately rush to close your windows at the first sign of rain.
While the typical North America hung window has one or maybe two locking points, which break-in artists are very familiar with, the European-style Tilt & Turn window employs a series of mushroom cams and striker plates which prevent the frame from being easily pried out.




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