Protection Plan


Like our windows, our doors can be custom-made based on your ideas. Whether you prefer traditional or modern fashions, we can help turn your house into a home.

We also know how important security is, and you can rest easy knowing your family is protected behind an Entrance System. Our double-laminated glass is similar in strength to a car windshield; so it may crack but it will not shatter. Our glass is available in various strength levels, but even our most basic models are resistant to multiple hammer strikes. Multi-point locking systems can also include a deadbolt.

Below please find variety of doors available or download brochures to see more design patterns and styles. Brochure 1 and Brochure 2.


The perfect symmetry of the Alexandria collection offers a refined style. The square bevel glass and geometric shapes are ordered into sophistication and give every entrance a distinguished feel. Patina caming is the standard for the Alexandria family. Alternatively, you can choose from a wide array of glass and caming options to develop your own personal design creation.


The geometric pattern of the Avenue collections sings modern glamour. The clear and decorative glass combine into a beautiful blueprint, adding a bold style to any entrance. Choose one of our many glass and caming options to add personality to your door. The Avenue design comes with a standard Patina caming.


Reflections of light dance through the curved and shaped bevels. A glue chip background superbly complemented by granite and clear hammered glass will create effortless elegance. The Castlewood family offers zinc as its standard caming. Alternatively, you can experiment with our impressive variety of caming and glass options to create a custom variation of this timeless design.


The Fifeshire collection offers the allure of simplicity. The antique look and subtle details up the ante on this traditional design, enriching any entrance with sophistication and beauty. With standard zinc caming for the Fifeshire design, you can also add a personal touch by choosing one of our many glass and caming options.


With the antique look of hammered granite combined with glue chip and clear bevels, the Glencarin collection will bestow your entrance the allure of old-world charm. Our standard caming for this collection is a handsome zinc. Appreciate your very own vision through optional customization. Choose from a host of our beautifully crafted glass and caming options.


With influences from yesterday’s traditional styling, the Glenrush family utilizes unique styles of glass, such as clear swirl, mica and glue chip, while combining them with clear bevels to create an elegant style. Merging the beauty of the glass with our standard brass or zinc caming will instantly enhance the charm of your home. Customizing this design by using one of our many caming or glass options will add your personal touch.

Garden Door

With our garden door collection you can open your home to the beauty of the outdoors. They are designed to replace existing sliding patio doors to offer easy access to your backyard sanctuary. With various hinging options, you can customize this collection for your individual needs. Add openness, elegance, and sunshine into to your home.

Performer 1000

We’re dedicated to bringing beauty into your home, a mantra that led us to the charming and classic Performer 1000. It’s the industry’s most popular patio door, combining cutting-edge technology and manufacturing for outstanding reliability. The wood buck vinyl-clad Performer 1000 includes premium options such as interior and exterior finishes, high-performance security options, and unbeatable glazing. We proudly present a door built with high-design and years of maintenance-free performance.

Performer 3000

With a great sense of achievement, we present the award-winning Performer 3000. It combines elegance and performance to enhance the look of your home. The Performer 3000 combines cutting-edge technology and manufacturing for outstanding reliability. We offer premium options such as interior and exterior finishes, high-performance security systems, and unbeatable glazing, so you can create the patio door that’s right for you. We welcome you to unyielding excellence and years of maintenance-free enjoyment.




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