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Energy efficient windows and doors

Experts agree that the best way to impact the environment within your home is by conserving energy. Installing high quality windows and doors in your home offers an energy savings of at least 25% and perhaps as high as 50%. Do any research on greening your home and you’l find upgrading your windows and doors high on the to do list. One third of outside air enters through floors, ceilings, and walls (including windows and doors). In fact, the typical home exchanges 35% of its air with the outside every hour! Doors especially are a major source of heat loss.

What is a High Efficiency Window?

Our high efficiency windows have minimum 2 panes of glass. Additionally, that’s not air inbetween the 2 panes, but argon gas which signficantly slows the heat transfer through the glass. Thick, durable multiple air chambers in the frame prevent colder air from being transferred to the middle air chamber.

Our Low E (low-emissivity) energy efficient glass selectively allows different amounts of heat and light to pass through, significantly reducing the amount of solar heat that enters your house. The principle is the opposite of greenhouse glass which absorbs the solar radiation, low-emmisivity reflects radiant heat.

High Efficiency Doors

The best way to ensure minimum heat loss through a door is through high quality weather stripping. Our doors use EPDM rubber seals which offer outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance.

Vinyl is 100% Recyclable

Unlike other window frame materials, vinyl is recyclable. Through a vigorous recycling program all scrap vinyl is recycled into products like car bumpers.

Air Exchange Versus Air Flow

European designed Tilt & Turn windows and doors offers significant air exchange throughout your home reducing your reliance on air conditioning.

Opening standard hung windows in your house creates air flow. You know this phenomenon well. It’s when the temperature in the room is still hot yet all the papers are blowing off your desk. This is because you’ve created an air stream and anything not in the path of that air stream is still sitting in hot stagnant air.

Air exchange is acheived when the hot air is pulled out of the house and cool air is shuttled in. Tilt & Turn windows and doors accomplish this because they are open at the top and bottom. At the top, the hot air is pulled outdoors, while at the bottom, the cool air rushes in. Even with only one Tilt & Turn window open in your home, you can feel the air exchange.

It’s Easy Being Green

Ask us about our efficiency packages for window and doors which offer varying levels of energy efficiency from significant to stellar.

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