Protection Plan

European Design

Tilt & Turn style windows can be found all over Europe. Why? Because they are the best. They are the best for looks, cleaning, ease of use, and air exchange. Once you try the Tilt & Turn, you will never go back to North American style windows again!

Old World Quality & Style

The Tilt & Turn-style window is elegant, strong, energy efficient and tough for thieves to break into.

Rather than sliding up within the frame, or swivelling outward on a track, the long Tilt & Turn window angle vertically to allow air exchange from top and bottom of the window. The long full window pane has greater visibility and is effortless to open and close.

Our Products Last

The first vinyl windows were installed in European homes in the 1940s, and many of them are still around. Ask SIKORA customers of 25 years or longer who have maintained our products and they’ll say that their windows and doors still look like way they did the day they bought them. Keeping our products clean means keeping them for a lifetime.

Simple to Clean

Tilt & Turn windows turn towards the inside of your home with the turn of a handle, leaving the entire pane exposed. Imagine no more awkward leaning out of your window ledge to clean your windows’ exteriors. Screens also pop out easily.


Do you have a vision of your perfect window? Odds are we can make your fantasy a reality. Bring us your sketch or design, and if the material can handle it, we can, too.


With some 300 colours in inventory, finding the perfect shade to match becomes a simple matter.

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